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I've tried everything. How do I know if Silky Smooth Lotion will work for me?

Silky Smooth Lotion was tested on more than 300 individuals before it was actually introduced to the public. Observations from tests conducted by our research group indicated that over 98% of individuals with dry, cracked skin will see improvement within 1-3 weeks.

Is Silky Smooth Lotion safe for children?

Silky Smooth Lotion was developed and formulated for all skin types and ages.

What type of Ingredients are used in Silky Smooth products?

The ingredients of Silky Smooth products are fresh, clean soothing natural extracts from plants and fruits, aloe vera, avocado, jojoba and etc., which leave your skin feeling healthy and hydrated… instead of dry and flaky.

Where should I keep Silky Smooth products?

For best results, store in a cool place like many high quality cosmetic products, Silky Smooth lotion contains natural ingredients that may become unstable at high temperatures.

Can I use Silky Smooth products on my face?

Yes, you can use Silky Smooth products on your entire body. The ingredients used in our products are of the same high quality as other facial cosmetics.

What should I do if I have red, itchy bumps?

If you experience itchy bumps or redness when you first use Silky Smooth products (even though it is very rare) , you may be sensitive to some of the natural extracts. If this happens, you should simply discontinue using the product. If redness persists, stop using the product and consult your doctor.

Can I use Silky Smooth product on inflamed skin?

It is advised to use the Silky Smooth product after blistered or inflamed raw skin has been treated. Because our product is a hydrating conditioner for dry skin, and not a medicine, it will do nothing to treat inflamed skin problems.

How are Silky Smooth products different from others?

Unlike many curing lotions or ointments for dry and cracked skin, Silky Smooth products are lotions containing super-hydrating ingredients without medicine; they are meant to be used on your entire body daily.