5 Top Myths of Sunscreen


In the recent years, public awareness has improved concerning the importance of sunscreen in the prevention of skin cancer. However, many people still hold misconce­ptions regarding sunscreen. Here, we discuss the top five myths of sunscreen that are still held by many, leading to incorrect or inconsistent usage. 1. “Only those with fair skin need to wear sunscreen.” […]

4 Sunscreen Trends for Safe Fun in the Sun


Since the banning of certain sunscreen chemicals in Hawaii, the product has come under increased scrutiny with many asking what’s next? While sunscreen’s primary function of broad-spectrum protection isn’t going anywhere, recent research highlights some of the progress being made to make them more safe and sustainable in the future. Here are four sunscreen trends […]

Understanding Vitamin A – Breaking Down Osmosis’ Liposomal Retinaldehyde


It is no secret that vitamin A is a key ingredient in skin care. Its remarkable ability to reverse aging, increase nutrients and encourage the production of collagen and elasticity in the skin is unmatched. With so many different forms of the vitamin A molecule, it can be difficult and overwhelming to decipher what is best for […]

Blue Zone Beauty Habits for Healthy Skin + Free Treatment Guide

Beauty has been redefined through the ages, but bright, healthy skin and graceful aging has stood the esthetic test of time. Modern clients are quickly recognizing the importance of overall wellness and how it directly relates to beautiful skin. So, how does good skincare relate to lifestyle? To answer that question, let’s take a journey to the […]