Blue Zone Beauty Habits for Healthy Skin + Free Treatment Guide

Beauty has been redefined through the ages, but bright, healthy skin and graceful aging has stood the esthetic test of time. Modern clients are quickly recognizing the importance of overall wellness and how it directly relates to beautiful skin. So, how does good skincare relate to lifestyle? To answer that question, let’s take a journey to the Blue Zone.

Blue Zones are geographical locations where people live longer than most. The term Blue Zone was originally coined by Dan Buettner, a researcher, who used a blue pen to circle areas of a map where the largest grouping of centenarians (100-year-olds) were recorded.

There are five known Blue Zones:

Okinawa, Japan, the Italian island of Sardinia, Costa Rica’s Nicoya peninsula, Ikaria, Greece, and Loma Linda, California.

These regions share several correlating internal and external anti-aging factors including inflammation reduction, antioxidant intake and healthy habits.

Blue Zone Habits:


Blue Zone dwellers practice natural diets consisting of vegetables, grains, legumes, honey, omega-rich fish and nuts, as well as natural probiotics like yogurt. Water from these Blue Zone regions are also mineral-rich and high in calcium and magnesium.

Exercise is not a chore; it’s built into everyday life. Tending to orchards, gardens and other physical labor are all part of the routine. These outdoor activities allow for smart sun exposure on the arms and legs for increased vitamin D.


They get just the right amount of sleep. It has been scientif­ically proven that seven to eight and a half hours per night is key for immune system boosting and repair.

Positive Thinking:
Listening, laughing, meditating, graciousness and mindfulness are all a part of their culture. They also dedicate a day to rest to enjoy the sanctuary of personal time.

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